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The $50 are no match to what to what I felt during our sessions. Thanks Céline!— Neera, 55
Thank you Céline for being so gentle and kind! I enjoyed the tranquility of your lovely studio during my Reiki session today. God bless you always.— Daniela, 36
I wasn't too sure what to expect from a Reiki session, but it was so peaceful and soothing. Céline has a very gentle spirit and I left feeling very calm and balanced. Thank you so much!— Nicky, 40
I was blessed to have Céline attend to an injury immediately after it happened. I bruise very easily and had taken a hard blow to my foot. The Reiki treatment Céline gave me lessened the pain, and significantly reduced my bruising. Thanks Céline!— Denise, 63
Céline offered me a Reiki treatment when I told her my back was really hurting. I was curious about it, since I had heard of Reiki just a few weeks before. While sitting on a chair with my eyes closed, I let Céline perform. It felt like a meditation session — I was concentrating on my breath and keeping my back straight.It didn’t last long, but it was really soothing. After the session, the pain in my lower back faded away, and I felt a lot calmer!— Marie, 22
Sometimes, I suffer from arthritis, and feel stress and anxiety/obsessive thoughts building up inside of me. Céline has worked with me to allow my body to heal itself, using Reiki energy.Even a short Reiki treatment both relaxes my body, and makes me feel calm. I actually often fall asleep during the session, and then wake up feeling refreshed. Both the treatment and Céline's gentle nature make the experience totally blissful.— Richard, 33
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