Ahhhhh Pimple Alert!!!!

5 Ways to Stop Picking and Squeezing that Pimple

This article is the second article in a series on touching, popping and squeezing your skin. If you haven’t read the first article, click here! Last time, we talked about why you should never, ever pop that pimple… Ever. But well, we do - whether we do it occasionally, or compulsively. Know that when you [...]

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Why you should never, ever pop that pimple

If you’re prone to acne, you’re probably tempted (often!) to pop and pick every blemish that dares appear on your face. We’ve all done it. Who would want to leave an ugly whitehead on their face, and patiently wait for it to disappear? I get you. Not to mention the intensely satisfying (and yet gross!) [...]

Good Morning, Let the Stress (and Acne Anxiety) Begin

How to ease Acne Anxiety (and what worked for me!)

Once upon a time, I was a mess... My name is Celine Harleaux, and I have suffered from chronic, cystic acne AND anxiety during 4 long, looong years of my life. If you suffer, or have ever suffered from acne, you know that one single day can feel like 10 years. I tried anything that [...]

Benjamin Earwicker

The Top 7 Reiki Myths – BUSTED! (Part 1/2)

When the Japanese practice of Reiki was first introduced by Ms. Hawayo Takata to the United States and Canada in the late 1930s, it was cloaked with mystery. Mrs. Takata, a Hawaiian lady of Japanese descent, brought her knowledge of Reiki through oral teachings only. She insisted that her teachings should not be written down, [...]

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Reboot your mind with Reiki

From an outsider's perspective, Reiki is a healing method. But from an insider's perspective, Reiki is the sweetest tool for a healthy body and mind. The world becomes a better place when we embrace the best version of ourselves...   The founder of the Reiki Healing Method, Mikao Usui, knew that Reiki was not a [...]

Easter chocolate bar/fudge

Easter chocolate bar/fudge

(refined sugar-free, vegan) * If you're anything like me, there's a big chance that you forgot to do your Easter shopping, and now it's too late because all the shops are closed. But I got your back, baby. Because who wants a chocolate-free Easter? Not me. Who wants a guilt-free, chocolate-smothered Easter? Meeeeee, me, me, [...]

Celine - Te Mata Peak

Reiki, the magic pill?

* * Back when my skin was infested with many, many painful pimples, I often wished I could just… go back. To a past when I still dared to look at myself with pleasure in the mirror. Back then, I was happy to spend thousands (on a student budget, hey!) on miracle beauty potions, if [...]