Hi there!

I'm so glad you're here. I know what it's like to feel unattractive and unlovable because of your skin. I've been there.

It feels like it's a nightmare which is NEVER going to end. Honestly, I thought that I would have to live my entire life with layers upon layers of make-up everytime I'd leave the house.

Thankfully, I found somebody who understood, and listened to me. She believed in me. She knew that I would get clear skin, and that I would learn to love myself.

Everything is connected in your body - your skin, your energy levels, your digestion, your self-love...

Yes, I've been in your shoes.

Now I wish I had spent more time and energy working on self-love and self-acceptance during my own journey towards clear skin.

I was just so focused on getting clear skin FAST and FOREVER... That I actually missed a few steps. I didn't learn to love myself before I had reached a certain level of clear skin. I didn't thank my body for healing itself.

All this time, I was thinking that my body was working against me. I was my own enemy.

Had I learned to accept myself - with my strengths and my weaknesses, I might have healed sooner!

Because love is powerful. (I know it's cheesy). If I am constantly angry and resentful towards my body because it constantly produces disgusting whiteheads, I am not listening to what it's saying!

My body invited me to make a few changes in my life. But mostly, to take care of and to love myself. There's just one like me in this world, after all.

So what is your body saying to you?

I have a deep level of compassion and empathy for where you are in your journey, and what you're going through.

You don’t have to do it alone anymore.

I know that you want to start feeling amazing SOON (as in 'now'!), and I want to support you through your journey.

If you're ready to get the attention and the support you so, so deserve, my FREE 30-Minute Troubleshooting Session is where you should start.

My 3 Promises to You

  • I want to learn more about you: what challenges are you faced with in your life?
  • You'll leave our private chat with at least 1 thing you can start doing ASAP for a happier you.
  • Finally, we'll discuss whether I'm the right person to guide you through your journey.

Are we right for each other?

Please take a minute to check that we're a good match! Otherwise, i won't be able to deliver my 3 promises to you... And both of us will probably end up disappointed and unsatisfied.

Are you...

  • Ready to open up to someone who may challenge your beliefs?
  • Motivated, and ready to do the work needed to feel better?
  • Able to spend funds on your own health?

If you...

  • Have cancer, or a serious disease,
  • Are pregnant (first trimester),
  • Jump from practitioner to practitioner, and have trouble committing to one thing,

... Then I'm not the best person to advise you.

Before you schedule, please read what follows.

  • Acne Troubleshooting Sessions are for those who are serious about working on themselves.
  • I do not accept insurance.
  • Starter sessions are for English-speaking clients only.

In order to schedule your session, you must complete the following TWO STEPS:

If these two steps are not completed, your complimentary session will be cancelled.

Once you schedule your call, you’ll receive an important email from me that with the appointment details. Save this email!

If for any reason you are unable to keep your appointment, there is a link within this confirmation email to cancel or reschedule your call at least 48 hours prior to your appointment

I am excited to meet with you soon!

I wish you the very best of the world,


Founder of My Dawning Light

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