From an outsider’s perspective, Reiki is a healing method. But from an insider’s perspective, Reiki is the sweetest tool for a healthy body and mind. The world becomes a better place when we embrace the best version of ourselves…


The founder of the Reiki Healing Method, Mikao Usui, knew that Reiki was not a miracle happy pill – “I, the practitioner, channel Reiki to your body, mind, and spirit, and you are instantly healed of all diseases, now and forever more”.


It doesn’t work like that (fortunately)! If it did, life would be slightly more easy, and a lot more boring.


Reiki is a tool. Among others. My favourite tool in my toolbox. It gives us a gentle nudge when we don’t want to say that we’re sorry.


It soothes us when we’re hurting.


It calms us down when there’s a storm in our minds.


But most of all, it gives us the strength to keep on practising. As seekers, we need to heal yourself before we can heal others.


Ditch the negative self-talk

Have you ever watched Kuzco? Best. Film. Ever. Anyway, there’s this scene where Kronk is faced with a moral dilemma (I’m not going to tell you what it is. Seriously, watch it. It’s about lamas and potato salads), and suddenly, whoosh! His Shoulder Angel and Devil appear.


They start bickering and mocking one another instead of helping Kronk, who threatens them to “cancel his membership” if they don’t stop their nonsense. Hahaha.


It is THE SAME with our thoughts. We are NOT our thoughts. And we CAN cancel our life-long membership with our thoughts.


Because frankly, most of the time, they’re just rubbish.


So when we say “I’m ugly. Nobody is ever going to fall in love with me. I am never going to succeed in life, etc., etc.”, we don’t just say it once. We say it twice, thrice, and suddenly we… identify with these thoughts.


Our lives become a constant struggle, and this terrible conversation with ourselves never stops, and slowly, it becomes our truth.


Negative self-talk kills us slowly but surely.


The truth is, friend, you are NOT your thoughts. You are. Pure. Beautiful. And it is up to you to discover it.


Spoiler’s alert: the core of your being is joy, beauty, love, peace.

You got this.

Whenever you catch yourself hammering those thoughts into your body, STOP!




You got this.


Observe the thought, and let it go. Yes! The thought is like a cloud, just passing through the sky. Replace the thought with a new conscious, positive thought, like the Reiki Precepts (Gokkai):


“Just for today, do not anger

Just for today, do not worry, and be filled with gratitude

Just for today, devote yourself to your work, and be kind to people”.

Oh my. I always find it surprising that the Gokkai is not about giving and receiving Reiki healing everyday. It is not either about changing anyone else.


It is about our thoughts. Our attitudes. Our reactions to emotions. Because that’s where the change starts.


When we stop identifying with our thoughts, we realise that there is silence. Peace. Inside of us. Available right now.


That’s the first step to a next level of consciousness (that’s not me saying it, that’s Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now. Did you know that Tolle was enlightened?!).


Stick to the practice. It is SUCH a challenge at the beginning, because we need to deal with a lot of negative thoughts.


But I promise that in just a short while, the sea will become calm. Your perspective on life will change.


Where, just a few weeks ago, there was sadness and loneliness, you WILL see opportunities for more abundance, more joy, more success.


You’re on your way to greatness. I’m excited!


Do share your thoughts with us! Have you practiced, or are you practicing positive, self-hugging self-talk? What’s it doing for you?




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