Back when my skin was infested with many, many painful pimples, I often wished I could just… go back. To a past when I still dared to look at myself with pleasure in the mirror.

Back then, I was happy to spend thousands (on a student budget, hey!) on miracle beauty potions, if only it meant that I could have clear skin overnight. You and I both know how I ended up: my skin was on fire with all those chemicals, and I was more desperate than ever.



Back then, I would stumble every now and again on an article on the dangers of refined sugars in the Western diet. Or my housemate would suddenly tell me that she quit sugar, and would replace it with honey. I used to laugh and think: ‘Nonsense’. And so I would continue to eat my daily bar of chocolate, guilt-free. Every. Single. Day.

But those triggers started to come to me more often, and I knew that:

a. My diet was pretty amazing, apart from the sugar-loaded sweets I was stuffing myself with everyday;

b. My skin still looked terrible.


The conclusion? I had to do something. I had to give up sugar. It wasn’t the easy, quick-fix answer I was looking for. It wasn’t an answer that was going to take my shame (for looking that terrible, and having to admit that I actually had a PROBLEM with sugar), and my pain (if you have never experienced heavy acne before, let me tell you that it is PAINFUL and UNCOMFORTABLE). I knew, although I wasn’t quite ready to admit it to myself just yet, that I had to work on:

a. Giving up on any form of refined sugar – and indeed on all sugars for a while;

b. Learning to take care of myself.


See, sugar had been the solution I had found to cope with difficult emotions and events. My parents’ divorce? Chocolate. Stress at uni? Chocolate. A difficult break-up? Chocolate. Etc. etc. It meant that by the time my skin looked like a volcanic eruption, sugar had become a staple food in my diet. No kidding.

So I started doing the work. It was hard. But once I had accepted that I needed to work on self-love and food stuff, I found that… help was coming my way. And indeed, that’s how Reiki came to me.

Now, I was still pretty lazy – when I first started using Reiki on myself, I used it only (and by ‘only’, I mean ONLY) on my face, and more specifically on my cheeks – where most of the scarring was. My intention for those healing sessions was always to ‘just be rid of it. Overnight, please’… So that I could go to the shop without first caking my face with make-up. Yes, it was that bad.


The truth is, I needed to do my bit. I know now that it was absolutely NECESSARY to allow myself to accept my body just as it was, trusting that I WAS going to heal. I needed to learn to deal with emotions in a healthy way. Reiki didn’t take away my suffering, but it helped me accept myself: my beauty, my weaknesses, my strengths. It gave me the energy to heal myself when I was desperate.



Now, everyone’s story is different. So what can Reiki do for you? What’s in it for you? It is a question I get a lot when people find out about what it is that I do for a living. The truth is, I have no freaking idea. That is, my friend, between you and Reiki.

Reiki gives you the strength to go through your challenge. It may not be clear during the storm – but when the sky clears up, and the oceans calms down, it becomes clear – you are loved. You are love. You are peace. You are joy.


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